Truck Driving Jobs – The Top 30 Jobs of the Future

There is always plenty of work for lorry drivers, with a current driver turnover rate of 128%. The average annual income for a truck driver is between $35 000 and $45 000 for a company driver and between $95 000 and $130 000 for an owner-operator, depending on where they live. I currently earn $50 200 a year as a local driver working five days a week and being home every night.

Every two years, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a list of the 30 fastest growing jobs. This recent list predicts the top career choices for 2016. Trucking didn’t make the list, but how do the salaries of truck driving jobs compare to the future of these 30 fastest growing jobs?

Many of these positions require at least a bachelor’s degree and some even a master’s or doctorate, but I find it interesting to note that professional truck drivers can earn more than these positions. You can Read Job Description here for better Understanding. With the right driving skills, an owner-operator can earn more than any of the top 30 workers on this list!

Of course, OTR driving isn’t all that glamorous, but given the general public’s perception of the typical “truck driver”, I thought it was important to point out that with the right knowledge, skills and attitude, a truck driving job can offer good pay and a decent living …. you just have to know where to look. However, when comparing truck driver jobs to the top 30, you shouldn’t think of yourself as just a “truck driver”.

See how your current Truck Driver job compares to the top 30 jobs . . . the salary shown is the median salary for 2006 :
30th Medical Assistant $74,980.
29th Physical Therapist $68,050
28th manicurist and pedicurist $21,280.
27. environmental science and conservation technician $40,260.
26. gambling and sports book writers and runners $20,850.
25. computer software and systems software engineers $87,250
24. database administrators $67,460
23. computer systems analysts $72,230.
22. dental assistants $30,850.
21. marriage and family therapists $44,700.
20. mental health and substance abuse social workers $37,980.
19. mental health counselors $37,840.
18. dental hygienists $62,430.
17. forensic medical technicians $48,150.
16. pharmaceutical technicians $26,510
15. physical therapist assistants $41,410.
14. gambling supervisors and gambling investigators $30,470 14.
13. social and social service assistants $27,200.
12. financial analysts $ 77,280
11. dermatology medical assistants $ 29,550
10. substance abuse and behavioral health counselors $35,950.
9. veterinarians $81,490
8. medical assistants $26,290
7. theatre and performing artists $36,730.
6. Personal financial advisors $66,120.
5. veterinary technicians and technicians $27,750.
4. computer application software designers $82 000.
3. home health aides $20 100.
2. Personal assistants and home care aides $18,180.
1. network and data analyst $67,460.

The biggest problem for truck drivers today is finding the right company to drive for and keep their promises. Unfortunately, new drivers have to look very carefully at the road before they go to work for a trucking company. The 128% speeding rate speaks for itself. If you know what to look for, understand how the trucking industry works and thinks, and know what you expect from the trucking industry, it will help you make the right choice about a career as a truck driver BEFORE you sign on the dotted line.