Samsung 510bn LCD Power Supply Repair Secrets

The grumbling for this Samsung 510BN LCD screen was no force, after the cover was opened I tracked down that the force channel capacitor actually hold some charge and the voltage was very high. A decent screen by right the channel capacitor put away voltage ought to be release in under 10 seconds. This demonstrates that there was something not right in the circuit. On the off chance that you end up fixing this kind of force issue, ensure you release the channel capacitor first prior to keeping an eye on others segments. After the channel capacitor voltage previously released , I utilized dick smith flyback analyzer to gauge across the essential twisting of the switch mode power transformer to check whether there are any short out happened.

The consequence of the test was the flyback analyzer LED light all goes off which implies there should be segments shorted either in the essential or optional area, now and then the essential winding can go shorted moreover. A shorted power ic (this screen is utilizing the 4 pins 5L0365R force ic) in the essential segment or a shorted diode in the optional segment would pull down the flyback analyzer LED bar to the base.

On the off chance that the flyback analyzer LED waterproof power supply have 8 stocked bars, this implies that the parts, for example, power ic (power fet if have), power transformer essential winding and every one of the auxiliary diodes are not shorted. To disconnect if the shorts is either in the essential or optional segment, you should desolder the force transformer. Verify the essential twisting of the force transformer load up first before you test on every one of the optional diodes utilizing simple meter set to times 10 K ohm.

A shorted diode will show two perusing enlisted at the simple meter. In this Samsung 510bn LCD screen power supply, the caused of the no force and channel capacitor set aside longer effort to release was because of a shorted optional diode which is from the schottky type with the part number of SB5H100. Looking through the web, I discovered this diode specialized datasheet; it is a 100Volt 5A schottky diode. This shorted diode is situated at the 12 volt rail which implies it changes the air conditioner over to 12 Volt dc.

After the substitution the LCD screen turn out entirely great! Regardless of whether you are investigating the Samsung 510BN Lcd screen power supply or any kind of switch mode power supply, essentially the methodology of testing it is something very similar. Obviously there are a lot more techniques to find the shorted optional diode, for example, straightforwardly test the diodes, yet this strategy can check for parts shorted even without contacting the binding weapon.

This implies, in the event that the flyback analyzer shown 8 thoroughly stocked bars, don’t burn through your opportunity to test on every one of the optional diodes once more. Get one dick smith flyback analyzer and you could perceive how important this meter is in performing assortment test for you, for example, checking the PC screen B+ curl, flyback transformer, crt even burden loop, weight and some more.